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When tax time arrives, we can send your vendor/contractor information to our site,, for a complete e-file and recipient delivery process. All of your forms will be available in Exakto for your vendor/contractors to access.

 right inverted quotes is an IRS-approved E-file provider with many features to streamline your E-filing process. Whether you file a handful of 1099s or thousands, can help. Below are just a few of the ways we can make your tax-filing season easier:
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  • One login for Exakto and
  • Send vendor/contractor information from Exakto to, or use one of our integrations with accounting and bill pay providers.
  • All data is encrypted at rest and in transit for the protection of your and your vendor/contractors personal and business information.
  • Federal and state e-filing is available.
  • Costs are low because we use cloud-based technology.
  • can handle e-delivery or paper delivery to your recipients. No pre-printed forms to buy!
  • For larger organizations, include multiple users with various permissions who can participate in the 1099 filing process. Workflow also exists to enable organizations to ensure a sign-off process for accuracy.
  • Exakto helps minimize the number of B-Notices you receive, but when you do receive one, provides B-Notice Management features.
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No Credit Card Required & No Hidden Fees